Cisco NX-OS Setup Guide

This document describes information and usage of Aeon-ZTPS with the Cisco NX-OS network operating system for the 9K and 3K product model families. This document is organized by the Aeon-ZTPS process stages, as described in the Getting Started Guide.



The DHCP server returns the bootfile-name DHCP option the name of the ZTP script. By default, this file is located in tftpboot/ If you’ve changed the DHCP server configuration, you will need to update the location of this script accordingly. This script is written in Python.

The ZTP script is executed in the context of the Cisco POAP process:

  • Install the contents of the nxos-boot.conf file from Aeon-ZTPS
  • Sets up the scheduled-config to be executed on next reboot
  • Signals the Aeon-ZTPS for remote-bootstrap

Once the Cisco device completes the POAP process, the device WILL reboot.


If you change the file for any reason, you MUST run the script poap-md5sum to regenerate the MD5 checksum value that is located at the top of the file. This poap-md5sum script is also located in the tftpboot directory


The NX-OS boot configuration file is located at etc/configs/nxos/nxos-boot.conf. The primary purpose of this configuration is to enable remote management via the NXAPI over HTTP. Aeon-ZTPSwill access the device using the hardcoded user=admin, password=admin.


Static / Model Configuration

The Cisco NX-OS static configuration files are located in the etc/configs/nxos directory. The file all.conf, if exists, will be first applied to all device models. Then if a model specific file exists it will be applied.

The model value is taken from the output of show hardware from the Switch hardware ID block of output (as shown on line 9 below). The resulting model-specific filename would be <model>.conf. For example, the following device would yield Aeon-ZTPS to look for a file called: etc/configs/nxos/N9K-C9396PX.conf

 switch> show hardware
 Switch hardware ID information

 Switch is booted up
   Switch type is : Nexus9000 C9396PX Chassis
   Model number is N9K-C9396PX
   H/W version is 2.2
   Part Number is 73-15605-04
   Part Revision is D0
   Manufacture Date is Year 2014 Week 42
   Serial number is ABCD12345
   CLEI code is CMMPE00DRB

NOS Version Selection

Aeon-ZTPS ships with a default NOS version selection configuration, located in etc/profiles/default/nxos/os-selector.cfg

# 'default' means match hardware models not explicitly configured
    exact_match: 7.0(3)I2(2d)
    image: nxos.7.0.3.I2.2d.bin

The above configuration checks the running device to ensure that is running 7.0(3)I2(2d). If the device is not running that specific version, then this file instructs Aeon-ZTPS to install the that image from the location: vendor_images/nxos/nxos.7.0.3.I2.2d.bin

If you want to change this configuration, you will need to modify this os-selector.cfg file and copy over the necessary Cisco NX-OS software images.